Welcome to The Douglases Live Music


Thanks for visiting our page!   We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line, so we can learn about you. About us:  We are Cathy and Scott, married singer-songwriters living in the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania.   We believe that amazing, miraculous things happen through music. It was through a shared affinity for a certain song that we met in church, and through our eventual songwriting project that we became close friends, and eventually fell in love and married. The scope of our songs keeps changing and evolving as does life itself, and we are constantly developing more covers alongside our own creations. When we go out and sing together, we always have a blast, slightly introverted but fun-loving and upbeat. We are not too loud or too rambunctious.  We like to perform harmony-driven music spanning the genres of pop/folk/country/blues with a retro feel.   We believe that music can underscore a good dinner conversation or a beautiful celebration and set the stage for a magical evening.  That's who we are, we are the Douglases.